Pogo Mario

Mario is on a Pogo Stick, collecting stars and dodging enemies.

New Super Mario Bros. Sprite Sheets - DS

21 Sprite Sheets have been added for New Super Mario Bros. of the Nintendo DS. The new sprites are of Enemies, Backgrounds, and Tiles.

Mario Flip Flop

An action/adventure game, in which Mario must collect all the coins on each level.

Mario Ice Adventure 3

The 3rd game from the Mario Ice Adventure series, with our hero traveling through another winter wonderland.

Mario Escape

An addicting puzzle game in which you move the objects at the right moment, in order to advance Mario to collect the gems.

Super Mario Drive

Keep Mario on the track, while collecting coins in this bike riding game.

Mario Party 2 Sprite Sheets - N64

13 Sprite Sheets have been added for Mario Party 2 of the N64. There are sprites of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Stars, Map Levels, and more.

Shooter Mario

An addicting game in which Mario must angle his gun different ways, to hit the objects.

Mario Ice Land 2

Click objects at the right moment, to advance Mario through each level.